Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Young readers still have time for a summer read!

Young readers you know still have time for a summer read. Check out Fairy Chase by Debbie Dadey!


I always enjoy reading the stories of Debbie Dadey. Fairy Chase is book 18 in her Mermaid Tales series. In Fairy Chase, Echo is so excited when her Aunt tells her about the Hairy Fairy that she wants to see the fairy for herself. She also wants to catch the Hairy Fairy in the act of tangling her hair while she sleeps. According to legend, Echo will be rewarded with treasure if she can catch the fairy. The Hairy Fairy is too tricky to be caught, so Echo and her friends decide to go on a fairy chase near Whale Mountain. What Echo catches is a surprise to everyone. Even us readers.

Each book in the Mermaid Tales series features a cast of friends who discover cool facts about plants and animals found in and around our oceans. It’s cool because I get to discover cool things about the ocean along with them.

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