Monday, August 13, 2018

Rejection or Blessing?

Rejection or Blessing?

Imagine you have been waiting for over six months to hear about a short story submission you sent to a children’s magazine. The market listing states they reply within four to six weeks. As the months pass, your hopes rise thinking your story has passed the first reader and has made it to the top editor. 

One day you check your email.

“RE: Your Story.”

Excitement builds as you open the mail and read.

Dear Author,

We appreciate the opportunity to…. Rejected. Rejection. Rejection….

Oh well. It’s not your first, nor will it be your last, unless you stop writing.

It’s not my first or last either. I was bummed out for a couple of days. I knew it would take time to find another magazine to submit to, and because of other projects I have going, (a novel and a chapter book series idea), I thought about shelving it for a while. Then it hit me. The characters and premise could be a chapter book series.

If the story had been accepted, I would not have the chance to bring these characters to life in their own series! Now it’s time to brainstorm, outline, plot, and give new life to my story.

This latest rejection was a blessing.

How do you handle rejection?


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. I tell myself that as long as I'm getting rejections I'm still trying.