Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Meeting SuperHeroes at an author visit.

Thursday I met some wonderful students along with Media Specialist, Chris Prince, at the Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

In the library, I was greeted with a banner and my book’s name on the Lego Wall! I heard the Lego guitar was hard to make.

I started by greeting each student and handing them a SuperHero themed playing card as they entered.
My presentation was all about focus and teamwork as it relates becoming a published author.

I opened my presentation with a magic trick asking all the students to focus on a volunteer and the card he had selected. I asked the volunteer to focus on his freely selected card as he held the box of cards above his head. When everyone focused, the chosen card ascended from the box like magic.

I continued with my story about how my own lack of focus in my school days left me at a disadvantage. Especially when I decided I wanted to become a writer. It took years for my SuperHero to arrive and tell me that instead of leaving my dream on a shelf of becoming a writer, I should do something about it and become a writer. My wife is that Hero.

One grammar course and a writing course later, along with conferences, workshops, books on the craft, focus, and teamwork with others, I was on my way.

The first time my SuperHero slide appeared in my presentation she was preceded with my catchphrase, “Whoosh!” After that, every time I would cup my hand at my ear, the group would respond with and audible, “Whoosh!” and my superhero would show up again.

I illustrated teamwork with another magic effect and the help of eight other students.

I concluded by reminding the students they each have SuperHeroes in their lives they may not know about. Those heroes include teachers, family, friends, and the adults around them. I also reminded them that they are each SuperHeroes. Within themselves they each have the power to make their own dreams come true.

I had a blast, and think the students had fun too. After questions about my book, and the writing/publishing process, I think every student stood in line to have me sign those SuperHero cards. (I signed a few books too!)


  1. Sounds like an awesome school visit. I bet it was fun and memorable for the students. It is easy to see you put a lot of effort into making it a success. Glad it went well and you sold books. :)

    1. Thanks Jess. I had a lot of fun so it was worth the effort.

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  3. Love this! What a great school visit! Great job, Rick. I bet the kids had a blast. And that Lego guitar is awesome!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I think the kids liked it. Mr. Prince said he liked that I illustrated focus and teamwork. I think he was surprised at my (icebreaker) interaction with them before I actually started.