Monday, June 22, 2015

Now What?

Now what?

Okay, I’ve written a book.


Received critiques form other writers and editors.

Revised and polished.

Written a query. Written a synopsis. Subbed to agents and received a couple of great and positive  comments.

Polished more.

My wife and I own and run a magic shop. One method in magic is known as ‘the one ahead method’. This is where the magician is always one step ahead of the audience by knowing something they don’t know that the magician knows. I try to apply that to my writing too by planning ahead while working on the task at hand. Though I know the next step is a long way off because I have to get my book published first, I am researching marketing.

*Building a platform.
*Learning to find followers.
*Planning a book launch.
*Blog tours.
*Email lists.
*SWAG and all the fun stuff.

What are your tips and suggestions? What books or web sites do you recommend? Chime in with your favorite advice.


  1. Hi Rick, congratulations on your manuscript polishes and great feedback! Blogging is a pretty good way to begin building your author platform. There's a lot of advice out there on the Internet. I hope you have fun trying out new stuff and not feel overwhelmed by marketing. :) Your 'one step ahead' advice is just the reminder I need. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Claudine. This whole journey has been fun. I'm learning each day, and still having fun.