Friday, June 26, 2015



Do you like to be scared?

I’m not talking about real life, someone (or something) is going to hurt you. No, I mean scared when you are watching TV. All alone at night. Well the rest of the family is sleeping in their rooms. But the show makes you wonder who’s outside your window. Do you turn on the lights in the house, or turn them off so you can see out?

I remember those days when I was a kid. I loved scary movies. I loved that feeling. Even though I knew it was just a movie I let myself be drawn in. I let myself be scared.

I didn’t read a lot, but one of my favorite authors would have been Rod Serling because he wrote most of the stories on his show. No, not Twilight Zone though I loved it too, my favorite was a show called Night Gallery.

With my writing I hope to give readers the feeling I used to get when I would watch those old movies and shows.

Do you like to be scared?


  1. Growing up I read RL Stine's Fear Street novels because they were scary. A good scare is always fun.

    1. Hi, Kelly. I just finished listening to the audio book version of RL Stien's A Midsummer Night's Scream. His stories are always great.

      I enjoy your books too. Especially The Monster Within series. Reading about someone climbing out of their own grave is always fun.