Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Getting the kids out of the graveyard.

You know how kids are. I sent two of mine into a graveyard at about 15 till midnight and, well, I thought I would never get them out.

Actually I left them there. That will teach them to go scratching around in a bone orchard chanting some witches spell they threw together. What were they thinking?

Well, I finally got Rodney and Max out. These two characters may be the death of me. I can't let anything happen to Rodney, he has a very important talent show to get ready for. But then again, some things even the author can't prevent. Ya know? Right?


  1. I used to love to play in graveyards. LOL. We do a lot of crazy things to our characters, don't we?

  2. We can get them into all kinds of trouble and not get into trouble for doing it.

    Thanks Kelly.