Thursday, July 5, 2012

Move your lips & Don't like words

I usually try to read at least three or more sources on anything.  You get a lot of repeat information. Standard stuff that is basic.  Then you get extra stuff from each author. Through the years I have read a lot of books on writing.  In the last couple of weeks I have come across "move your lips" more than a couple of times form three of four different places.  Authors suggesting that, as we proof and edit, we move our lips. I have always known to read what I write aloud, but it is strange that I have hit upon this phrase so many times.  Something to think about.  We should move our lips as we read to ourselves. Even if we are not reading out loud.

My - don't like - word or phrase this week is: Torrent. Not the computer download stuff.  I've come across it about a dozen times.  It's starting to move up there to another one I don't like, and hope to never use: A long moment.


  1. I always move my lips when I'm reading over my work. My kids make fun of me and ask me if I'm talking to myself. :)

    My don't like word is Epic. It's on everything! My son even cut it out of a car magazine yesterday to give to me because he knows I'm sick of hearing it. lol

  2. Interesting. I read my work aloud a lot because it really helps. I'll have to try moving my lips.

  3. My don't like word is "like". Listen to teenage kids, they use that word almost between every REAL word. It's so irritating. :-)

  4. My don't like word is "rejection". I hate hearing my story is rejected!!

    Well I'm not sure how you read aloud without moving your lips but I recently found that reading aloud really helps. I always read my own stuff aloud but not usually others. However, I received a picture book to review the other day and when I just read it, I really didn't like it. Then I read it aloud and liked it much better! So I do think moving the lips helps.