Monday, May 28, 2012

Writers workshop game!

I am seeking information from those of you who have attended workshops, or conferences. This will be valuable information for those of us who have not.  I have also posted this on Writers Retreat.

Okay, it’s like the old game – I went on a picnic and took…  You do not have to list everything the last person took, just what you took.

For this game list what you took to a children’s writers’ workshop and what you wished you would have taken. (Things you forgot, or did not know to take until you were there.)

Sounds like fun.

Something like this.

I went to a workshop and took: My laptop, note pads, and 1 article MS.  I wish I would have taken other manuscripts and a synopsis of my WIP book.

Thanks all.


  1. I took: business cards, the first chapter of my WIP, my query letter synopsis, a notebook, pens, a tote bag to carry everything in, and a sweater. (No matter the time of year, conferences are cold in my area. The AC is cranking.)

    I wish I took: comfortable shoes

  2. What a great idea, Rick. I've never been, but I'm definitely keeping this in mind :)

    1. I've never been to one, yet, but just wondering what I shouldn't forget.